Litigation Support from Zelnick, Mann and Winikur PC

Our firm has substantial experience in various areas of litigation support. We are the court appointed accountants in the Orthopedic Bone Screw Products Liability Litigation MDL-1014. In this capacity we reviewed all time and expense reports of the Plaintiff's Legal Committee members and Common Benefit Attorneys who were involved in the case. We also assisted the Claims Administrator in processing the claims of over 6000 plaintiffs in this case.

We are also involved in a similar capacity as court appointed accountants in Diet Drugs/Fen-Phen Class Action Settlement MDL-1203. This was a settlement against American Home Products for approximately $3.75 billion.

In addition, we can provide business valuation services for a variety of needs in such areas as divorce litigation and property settlements, shareholder disputes, buy-sell agreements and estate and inheritance tax return filings. We can also provide assistance in the area of commercial damages, expert witness testimony and economic damages.